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Frequent Asked Questions

1. We are reading the journal Nutrition Therapy 3, which has an article about soy by a female physician chiropractor compiled. Although the author, in conclusion, said that "given two antithetical views to selected reader review" of hazardous or non-hazardous of soy foods, but the content, the author has not remain indifferent to the claim that soy foods are "not healthy". (page 48, second column, line 31). So you tell me the point of this speech?

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First, we are sorry she did not answer the two books that we have published, as we compiled separate books about soybeans, and wish for her question and answer of us have a special place in the book is the way of scientific research. In fact, while writing this book, is also part of her answer. However, there are a few things in particular, should also take this opportunity to add to her presentation and the reader understand. First of all just to say that women physicians article chiropractor as she says, is in charge of looking after and also the journal editors Nutrition Therapy, based in San Jose right, not a compiled with the way that scientific research is a translation, but the translation is not correct and add to the comments of the translator, also did not specify the origin of the source material and the author's name so that readers can Learn more.

2. I heard that soy containing phytoestrogens and my family have had breast cancer. Can I use soy foods such as tofu and soy milk are not?

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It was previously thought that estrogen is a female hormone which only mammalian species. But today, scientists have discovered a substance in soy isoflavones have the structure and the operation like female hormones (estrogen female hormone.) So they called estrogen herb (plant estrogen) or phytoestrogen. After the study, the scientists believe that isoflavones are capable of vigorous action against the causes of cancer-related hormones such as breast, uterus and ovaries. Therefore she should eat soy foods such as tofu and soy milk is better than eating meat and drinking milk, because many meat diet and fat, will increase the amount of estrogen (ovary automatically produce more estrogen than fat when necessary). Please read her chapter on soy isoflavones.

3. Someone heard a medicine doctor said to eat tofu containing gypsum, it will be hard if you eat liver, this true?

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We consult with Dr. Le Thanh, Ph.D., OMD, CA and answered as follows: "Gypsum, which in English is gypsom encyclopedia Encarta Encyclopedia defines a secondary minerals are the chemical called calcium sulfate (CaSO4 2H2O). It is found in the karst (limestone), and present in almost every region of the world. In Oriental medicine, it is used to cool the plaster fever, thirst, restlessness. In the delirium of fever heat, people use the stairs Bach, composed of four herbs are: gypsum, tri form, class mothers, and licorice. In medicine this month, the plaster is key. In making tofu industry, gypsum is used to coagulate milk substance derived from soybeans and also to increase the calcium content of tofu, there is little inherent in soy milk, not enough supply for the human body (the body needs daily average of about 800 mg of calcium). Calcium is a mineral essential to the body, helps build sturdy bones, helps prevent osteoporosis in old age. Approximately 1% calcium (10 g) ion impact as a role biology plays a very important, such as membrane permeability, neuromuscular stimulation, engaged in manufacturing many kinds of enzymes, many details of hormones, prevent fatigue and convulsions. The functions that work well when the amount of calcium in the blood is kept at 95-100 mg / l. The body is not made up of calcium, so need to eat foods rich in calcium. Excess calcium in the body will be dismissed out parts of the urinary tract through the kidneys. In some people, for some reason, renal excretion is not good, will precipitate calcium and plays gravel caused kidney stones. (Liver not hard) The liver, a vital organ of the digestive tract, the organs filter toxins and substances not necessary for the task is also the.Gan secretion of bile to digest fat, it does not save calcium reserves. Liver is often hard consequences by: (1) alcohol, (2) a history of viral hepatitis A, B, C, (3) by eating foods that have toxic chemicals that the liver not filter. For example, the toxic mold foods, such as fish, wild mushrooms are poisonous. This milestone release of toxic chemicals harm the liver. Also some medications can also affect the liver, while taking these drugs, BS to monitor liver function by blood tests periodically. According to the scientists analyzed, then the tofu has no listed substances are poisons. Quality trypsin inhibitors in soybeans, is not toxic, but a slow digestion of protein, but through the process of making tofu, due to the heat treatment, it has been destroyed. As of gypsum, as mentioned above mineral calcium is essential for the body. Saying that eating more tofu? We should determine how many? I had never seen anyone eat except rice tofu, and though most of us are vegetarian or eat salty tofu is only used as one of the menu in which rice is the main meal only. And so the body has enough time to digest tolerated. In fact today, from Japan, Korea, China v. .. v. .. and the United States again, more and more people tend to use tofu instead of meat. In the report from the medical journal, who have not seen anyone talking about a catastrophe caused by any tofu. Through the above-stated basic. We used to worry and tofu as an ingredient in food nutrition in everyday without any concerns. Not only prevent disease but also nourish the body through the beneficial effects of soy, as we have seen the results of the medical authorities competent and trustworthy.

4. Soy milk for infants that?

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According to Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam, deputy director of the National Institute of Nutrition said: For a long time, is the product of soybean plants with high nutritional value, particularly protein (protein) and lipids (fats) than both meat and fish. Soy milk can be processed into soy convenience and high nutritional value. However, soy protein is casein, the milk protein is mainly albumin and globulin are easy to digest and absorb higher soy milk. Children under 6 months of age need 100% nutrition is animal protein. Breast milk is the best nutrition. In short, not recommended for children under 6 months of age with soy milk. For children over 6 months of age can use soy milk as a nutritional supplement in the child, along with breastfeeding.